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Healthy Eating For Your Correct Weight

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Healthy Eating For Your Correct Weight:

Healthy Eating For Your Correct Weight
Healthy Eating For Your Correct Weight

Eating a healthy diet does not have to be difficult or painful. It does involve eating three meals each day that consist of a variety of foods and reasonable portions. The goal should be to achieve a balance of the major food groups. Foods such as beef, bread, and even ice cream are not entirely bad. They simply need to be consumed in moderation as all foods should be.

Secondary to the actual foods that we consume is the method of preparation. Baking and grilling are preferable to frying when cooking meats. Most vegetables and fruit are healthier served raw as they retain more vitamins and nutrients. While most vegetables should be served raw, there are certainly exceptions such as potatoes.

The cheeseburger, which sends chills down the spines of most people in search of a healthy diet, actually contains four of the major food groups. The meat is typically fried and often in a large portion. Grilling can provide a more desirable serving. Cheese provides a dairy group member, but in a small portion. The average bun is a large piece of white bread and the vegetables may vary greatly.

In order to include the cheeseburger in a healthy diet, we must search for balance. The meat and bread requirements have been met for the day. Deficiencies in the fruit, dairy, vegetable, and poultry groups should be filled by the remaining meal(s) of the day.

Perhaps the biggest evil in our sample cheeseburger also slips into other areas of the diet. Condiments can add undesirable calories and fat quickly. Looking at the nutritional information in a sandwich shop reveals that adding mayonnaise to your favorite sandwich will burst your daily limit of fat and calories.

The key to eating healthy meals and maintaining an acceptable weight lies in educating yourself and working to balance your diet around your daily routine.

Healthy Eating For Your Correct Weight

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