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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week

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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week:

Increasing your serotonin level is one of the healthy ways to lose weight in  a week. A lot of people fail to remain on track when losing weight because they can not leave intense cravings for foods and feel stripped when they limit their sugar and crab intake. The good news is that by enhancing your serotonin levels you can reduce cravings, check your appetence and shed excess weight.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week
Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week

The serotonin is the hormone that sends signals to your brain. A serotonin unbalance is caused by mood-related problems and is the reason why we crave for foods and have an unmanageable appetence.

1. High crab and small protein snack. Take a high crab, small protein snack 3 times per day, along with 3 meals to boost serotonin levels and curb hunger.  Serotonin is a natural suppressant.

2. Supplements raise serotonin levels. Although you can reap a lot of gains from a healthy diet, supplements are urged to add on to your serotonin levels. Also consider to take calcium, magnesium, vitamin c supplements and zinc.

3. Workout adds to your serotonin levels. Workout is the perfect step to add to your feel-good hormones. You will have the experience of a temporary-high after an exercise is done as your brain gets these feel-good messages. Not only does workout give you a natural high, it is also all important for any weight lose program.

4. Sunlight. The bright light is good for lifting depression and giving your brain a rise of feel-good chemicals. Natural light from spending time outside is the most step to get this gain. Having a walk out of doors supplies a serotonin boost and it aids you in losing weight.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week

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