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Contemporary Weight Loss Programs – Important Things You Need To Know

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Contemporary Weight Loss Programs – Important Things You Need To Know:

Contemporary Weight Loss Programs – Important Things You Need To Know
Contemporary Weight Loss Programs – Important Things You Need To Know

Statistics show that there has been a continuous increase in the number of overweight Americans is the past 20 years. The same study shows that 60 percent of the US adult population is obese while the remaining 38 percent are trying to lose weight.

These facts triggered the rise of the different weight-loss drugs and fitness programs that offer quick-fix promise to the constantly expanding population of overweight individuals. Supplements that claim to effect weight loss in a matter of days or a few weeks have lured a lot of people into buying a “miracle” drug or subscribing to a certain exercise programs. However, contrary to what most manufactures claim to be real: a research revealed that 95 percent of all weight loss plans do not work.

A former staff nutritionist to the president of the United States pointed out three most notable red flags in current weight loss programs: dramatic, overnight and effortless. These claims often do not consider consumers’ long term health and wellness in their weight loss program but merely on temporary loss of water weight. Losing water weight is good as nothing unless it is accompanied by substantial loss of body fats. As such, when one stops taking the supplement the body’s water weight is restored. This puts an individual at risk of heart attack.

So what seems to be wrong with current weight loss programs? They don’t stick to the basics of healthy diet and exercise.

There is no fast and easy way of losing weight. Exercise accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and discriminating sense in food is still the safest and reliable methods of getting those unwanted pounds away. Losing weight too quickly is dangerous. Shedding off more than two pounds a week is dangerous since it leads to dehydration, over-fatigue and worse, heart attacks. Exercise speeds the body’s metabolism. This makes the body burn the food faster and when done regularly can contribute a lot in losing weight. The more exercise an individual gets the more fats he burn and consequently more lean mass is gained. In the process, circulation is also enhanced.

Education is a very important element of a healthy lifestyle. A strong understanding of the health, fitness and diet helps an individual come up with intelligent decisions about living a healthy lifestyle. Take for example what we know about nutrition: In the past 25 years or so, research has shown that ingestion of fat has significantly been lessened in the American diet. But how come obesity levels have been rising still? Our penchant for calorie-restricted diets has forced the body into starvation which has resulted in the storage of fat. Thus, what we need is not more fad; but an approach to eating marked by balanced nutrition and if needed, correct nutritional supplementation.

If you’re looking for a fitness plan that will work, then always check for these two criteria; a healthy diet and exercise. No amount of calorie-restriction will work to keep the weight off for the long-term unless. While they do need time and a lot of effort; current weight loss programs that meets these requirements are the ones that can be implemented for the long-term. They are the ones that are sustainable and healthy.

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Contemporary Weight Loss Programs – Important Things You Need To Know

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