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Delicious Ideas to Bring Acai Into Your Daily Diet

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Delicious Ideas to Bring Acai Into Your Daily Diet:

Delicious Ideas to Bring Acai Into Your Daily Diet
Delicious Ideas to Bring Acai Into Your Daily Diet

Tired of getting scammed and spammed by questionable acai sellers?  Why not take control of your nutritional intake and consider mixing acai into the foods you already enjoy every day? When you consume capsule supplements, you often don’t know exactly what you’re taking. Instead of expensive capsules, acai can be blended into your favorite foods for optimum nutrition and great flavor.

Explore these ways to enjoy your acai in numerous foods and drinks. Acai has several times the antioxidant levels than the other “superfruits”  such as blueberries and red wine. You’ll be sure to increase the nutritional value in nearly everything you eat, when you add acai powder, pulp or juice to your recipes.

Blend 1-2 tablespoons of acai powder in your brownie, muffin, bread or pancake batter.  You’ll love the purple-blue color of your baked goods, but the tastes speak for themselves.
Jams, jellies and preserves are making their way into sandwiches,  some solely acai and others that blend blueberry or strawberry..  This antioxidant rich, low sugar treat is wonderful on toast.
Mix acai powder into your fruit smoothie.  Try a blueberry-acai or papaya-acai flavor.  You’ll notice the acai’s deep taste resembling both blackberries and dark chocolate.  Another breakfast item is hot oatmeal.  Sprinkle acai powder on cooked oatmeal and you don’t need sugar.
How about a delicious acai cocktail?  Several vodka producers have been marketing acai-infused alcoholic drinks as well as some fabulous cocktail ideas.  Start off with an acai-infused vodka, mango juice, lemon and agave syrup. Relatively simple, but quite tasty.
We’ve also heard of a homemade hot and spicy dipping sauce for duck spring rolls. This sweet and spicy combination works with savory fried food in almost any cuisine.

Look around your kitchen to see what opportunities you have to enrich your diet with acai. We hope you enjoy the health and life benefits derived from eating (or drinking) this renowned superfruit.

Delicious Ideas to Bring Acai Into Your Daily Diet

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