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How to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins: Your Diet and Kosher Supplements

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We all want to be healthy. That means eating properly. Here are some of the can’t miss vitamins that will keep your immune system strong and your chances for disease low; your mood, memory and feelings good; and your body at the top of its game.

-B Vitamins: B6 and B12 especially are great vitamins for decreasing your risk of heart disease and stroke. Fortunately, these vitamins are found in many places, such as bananas, fish, chicken, and dairy. Since B12 is only found in animals foods, vegans can take kosher supplements for their daily requirement.

-Vitamin C: Arguably the most popular of all vitamins, this antioxidant helps your immune system and can boost HDL, otherwise known as “good” cholesterol. You can find it in orange juice and other citrus fruits as well as green veggies.

-Calcium: Your bones need this mineral. As you age, you need more in order to prevent osteoporosis. While you can get it in spinach and other leafy vegetables, dairy products have the most.

-Vitamin D: This vitamin helps your body absorb calcium. It has been shown that this vitamin, which most Americans lack, can help cancer. You can find it in milk, or you can get it by being out in the sun.

-Vitamin E: Good for your eyes and preventing Alzheimer’s, this vitamin is found in many oils and nuts. Broccoli also has it.

-Folate: You need this especially if you’re pregnant. It can help prevent birth defects, heart disease and stroke. It’s easy to find in cereals.

-Iron: A great mineral for memory and focus, iron can also help your immune system. You can find it in fish, red meat, egg yolks, spinach and grains.

-Vitamin K: It’s good for your bones and it helps your blood clot. In green, leafy vegetables and oils, you can get your daily dose.

-Magnesium: Blood sugar control, muscle and nerve help, and bone strength are all perquisites of eating this mineral. If you don’t, your chances for heart disease and high blood pressure increase dramatically. You can find it in many nuts, grains, raisins and broccoli.

-Zinc: Immune system help. If you suck zinc lozenges at the onset of a cold, your symptoms won’t be as harsh and it probably won’t last as long. Found in red meat and pork, you can also get it from oysters and nuts.

There you have it, folks! The vitamins and minerals you need, from A to Z. So eat right and live healthily. If you find yourself slipping in one of these areas, you can always take kosher supplements like kosher fish oil or Bluebonnet vitamins. has all of the vitamins you need to kosher supplements your diet. Whether you have kids or you’re looking for your own kosher vitamin, you can find it here.

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