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How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks without Dieting

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Workout is very important for your health and wellness as well as for shedding weight. Running or jogging is also one of the most elementary and most effective exercises for losing weight, as it is good for the whole body; with special revolve around the large muscles of the legs. When you are jogging to lose weight, a small bit of effort goes a long way, and you can easily make up for a steady workout program. Below are some of the ways to lose weight in 2 weeks without dieting.

1. You need to evaluate your physical condition and decide whether you will be better off walking at the first instance. Beginners, especially those who are highly overweight should use caution when beginning a workout program. If you are slightly overweight and in good form, jogging to lose weight might function very well for you.

2. Fix a weight loss goal. To lose one pound a week, you have to burn five hundred or extra calories every day than you eat. You can make this function for you through working out exclusively or through diet and workout. You need to reduce your caloric consumption by two hundred and fifty calories per day and burn at least 250 calories throughout the workout.

3. Discover how many calories you burn for a minute of workout. Joggers who weigh 128 to 138 pounds burn 9.5 calories per minute, and 155- to 165 pounds joggers burn 10.5 calories per minute. If you weigh in-between one hundred and eighty to two hundred pounds you will burn 12.7 calories per minute when jogging. If using one hundred and fifty pounds and ten calories a minute as an average, just easily add a zero to the number of minutes done jogging and you will have a count of the calories burned and do at least n300 jogs for thirty minutes and 250 jogs for twenty five minutes.

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