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Three Easy Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

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Healthy weight loss is not difficult, if you know what to do. But adhering to any exercise for weight loss, or diet program requires conviction and self control in equal measure. The human body is an intelligent machine that will actually help you in your attempts to reach your ideal weight, if you just learn to listen to it. This article talks about the three most important steps you need to take to achieve healthy weight loss.

Step 1: Eat BEFORE You Get Hungry.

By now I think all of us know that salads will help us lose weight, while chocolates will pile on the pounds. It is the ability to restrict one in favor of the other that is usually the problem. Planning your food in advance in small gaps ensures that you are never ravenous enough to eat without thinking. As long as you are able to give some thought to what you are eating, chances are you will make the right choice nine times out of ten. On the other hand, if you starve yourself the entire day in preparation for the evening party, you will binge on the appetizers and consume more than the day’s requirement in two helpings.

To ensure that you don’t ever get too hungry, carry a few snacks with you, like nuts or fruits that will give you enough nutrients to last you till the next big meal. Basically, divide your ideal calorie intake over three large and three small meals, depending on when you feel the hungriest.

Step 2: Creative Visualization.

There is a highly acclaimed theory that says you become what you think. It’s as true for healthy weight loss as anything else. It is important to set absolute goals that you can achieve, and work towards them. Don’t just think of getting thin — set a target date and find a piece of clothing that you want to fit into. Imagine yourself in that piece and the way it would make you feel. Hang it where you can see it. If you were thinner earlier, hang up pictures of your “real” self. These images will help you focus on your healthy weight loss program like nothing else can. Weight loss is a mind battle. The decision to eat or not to eat is won in the head, and NOT the stomach.

Step 3: Get Your Mind Off Food.

Part of the problem in any weight loss program is that it makes us focus on food (or the lack of it) even more. Once we start counting calories, there is really no end to it. Just knowing that you cannot have something makes you want it even more. So while it is very important to know your food plan for your meals in advance, you also have to have the ability to then move on and shift attention to something else. I recommend making a list of five things that you love to do. It could be shopping, painting, going to the spa, a beach workout, or just yakking on the phone with your friends. It might wreak havoc on your bank balance, but it will help you stick with a healthy weight loss plan that will soon become a lifetime habit.

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